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    • Date: March 13, 2007; Tuesday  • Views: 11,429 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Assam, Insurgency  
    There is the wonderful story of Krishna Kumar, owner of the only mobile phone and STD booth in Bangree village, Vaishali district, Bihar, which has been in the media last week. Wonderful because it shows the power of connectivity and the indivisible link between connectivity and security ~ human security in terms of physical safety [...]
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    • Date: May 8, 2006; Monday  • Views: 7,541 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Assam, Insurgency  
    A major contribution by the Left in this country to the future of multinationals, donor agencies as well as international financial institutions has come from none other than Asim Dasgupta, the finance minister of West Bengal. If it puzzles many of their supporters, don?t blame them. And, of course, one wonders where it places the [...]
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