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    • Date: May 30, 2010; Sunday  • Views: 3,119 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Articles, Bhutan  
    Thimpu, Bhutan — “From a party point of view,” said Jigme Yoezer Thinley, smiling in his spacious wooden floored and paneled office in Thimpu, “I am unhappy about media, its wrong reporting and even non-reporting – but as a person committed to democracy … we have to accept this from an entity which is trying [...]
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    • Date: October 26, 2007; Friday  • Views: 2,637 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Myanmar  
    Indo Asian News Service Last Updated: October 26, 2007 00:42:04 The news item was buried deep in the inside pages of a Delhi newspaper. It said that security forces on India’s side of the border had been instructed to stop any inflow of refugees or people fleeing the military junta’s crackdown in Burma (also known as Myanmar). [...]
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    • Date: October 16, 2007; Tuesday  • Views: 2,179 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Myanmar  
    For the past weeks, many of us who have travelled to Burma and respect the history and culture of that country and its wonderfully sensitive people, have been deeply concerned by the rush of tragic news of shootings and indiscriminate beatings of the public, including monks and students, the worst since the 1988 crackdown. The flow [...]
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    • Date: May 7, 2007; Monday  • Views: 2,304 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Gender  
    Many readers of this newspaper live in the capital of New Delhi and its neighboring satellite towns and cities, one of the fastest growing urban economies of Asia with glittering malls, the wealthy and powerful with their large cars and imposing houses contrasting with water and power shortages for a majority as well as the [...]
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    • Date: March 13, 2007; Tuesday  • Views: 3,313 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Environment, Governance  
    It’s been a rich experience for me, both personally and professionally, to write a regular column for this page. I am grateful to the Editor of The Statesman and the news desk. At a time when the concept of a “national” newspaper covering events in the length and breadth of the country ~ in including [...]
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