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    • Date: May 30, 2010; Sunday  • Views: 3,155 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Articles, Bhutan  
    Thimpu, Bhutan — “From a party point of view,” said Jigme Yoezer Thinley, smiling in his spacious wooden floored and paneled office in Thimpu, “I am unhappy about media, its wrong reporting and even non-reporting – but as a person committed to democracy … we have to accept this from an entity which is trying [...]
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    • Date: November 1, 2008; Saturday  • Views: 8,691 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Assam  
    The horror in Assam is not just tragic, it is a malignant devastation that has visited a place and a people who were known until comparatively recently for their hospitality, calm and kindness. The places where the bombings have taken place are busy markets and areas known to all of us familiar with Guwahati and the [...]
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    • Date: October 30, 2008; Thursday  • Views: 3,956 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Assam  
    Asian Age The girl from a television channel in New Delhi was extremely enthusiastic on the phone. She wanted me to go on air the next evening on a live interview with another panelist on the situation in Assam — conveniently called the “Bodo-Muslim clashes”. I debated the issue internally and finally decided that it was [...]
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    • Date: May 29, 2008; Thursday  • Views: 3,994 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Brahmaputra and life  
    Guwahati, May 29: In Morigaon town, an hour’s drive from Guwahati, main city of Assam, we’ve just finished a meeting with Deputy Commissioner Arup Phukan and his staff as well as the district health authorities and officers from the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). A small country boat is waiting a 45-minute drive from the district [...]
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    • Date: May 28, 2008; Wednesday  • Views: 2,826 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Brahmaputra and life  
    Dhemaji (Assam), May 28 : We walked straight into the Dhemaji deputy commissioner’s office where several officers were waiting for us – the joint director (health), the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) district programme manager and an NRHM “media expert”. The discussion was good and focused: I outlined the need for a programme coordination committee and [...]
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    • Date: May 27, 2008; Tuesday  • Views: 3,400 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Brahmaputra and life  
    Dibrugarh (Assam), May 27 (IANS) We got to Bogibeel ghat, about an hour’s run from Dibrugarh, the last half hour taken to negotiate a short stretch that is just sand, dust and stone with huge potholes created by the trucks and vehicles busy with building the approach road to the Bogibeel rail bridge. The bridge [...]
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    • Date: April 21, 2008; Monday  • Views: 2,874 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Meghalaya, health  
    Monday, April 21, 2008 Shillong, Meghalaya — A burst of a deadly strain of meningitis has swept the hills of Meghalaya, infecting hundreds, and officials say they are ‘keeping their fingers crossed’ because the situation has reached a critical point with efforts on to check its advance. Twenty-nine deaths, either of confirmed or suspected cases of [...]
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    • Date: April 1, 2008; Tuesday  • Views: 3,285 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Tibet  
    Politicians have such convenient memories. The other day, on a major news channel, a spokesman of the Congress declared that India had no business to interfere in the internal affairs of another country by taking a position on human rights abuse and the brutal crackdown in Tibet. He forgot, very conveniently, that between 1966-1976, the [...]
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    • Date: March 30, 2008; Sunday  • Views: 2,885 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Manipur  
    THE murder of over 14 poor people in Manipur by armed thugs has triggered not just outrage but also bitter soul-searching among many Manipuris. In addition, it has emptied the state of its migrant labour, largely from Bihar and other Hindi-speaking areas, with thousands fearfully leaving for the safety of their homes. The [...]
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    • Date: November 30, 2007; Friday  • Views: 4,035 views   • Comments:
    • Categories: Assam  
    As Assam lurches through a cycle of hatred, violence, suspicion and ethnic division, with the state government an impotent observer despite its talk of action and ministers scurrying from one press conference to another, the question that needs to be asked is not just how did this happen or what can be done, but also [...]
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